Monday, August 01, 2005

wkimania (1) and other stuff

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This week wikimania will take place ... five days. I really would have liked to go there, but it was not possible - the twins, my husband working and of course I am working as well. So at a certain stage I told myself that in the end I can help with translations and participate that way.

Then, some days ago talking with SJ he asked me if I could help with the organising of the translations. Aphaia who did a real good job cannot go ahead. So of course I said I could ... now I am here with a list of translators who are so great people and told me that they are going to help me with this very particular job. It is a non-profit job for all of us. The list of translators helping is not yet complete - I'll do this or late this night or tomorrow evening, but who would already like to take a look can do this here:

Of course if you want to participate you can do this anytime, just let me know writing to

But back to the organisation - for now I don't have a clue of which rhythm there will be, how much work will come over and how we can cover all translations and possibly also proof reading. All that just before the event ... yes, I am getting a bit nervous. I'll keep you updated here.

Besides that there were some great news related to ultimate wiktionary, but how could I write all that in such a short time? This is difficult, really... maybe I'll just wait a bit and tell step by step - anyway there will be hundreds of news during the next days.

We are also very curious to which extend we will be able to co-operate with Logos (

Another thing that happened during the last days had to do with nds (Low Saxon in English if I remember well) - people on that wiktionary have a problem with a list that was created out of texts by Werner and that I wanted to upload there.

Now since they had these problems with me I decided to add Italian to the translations and simply upload it to the Italian wiktionary. I am also in contact with the Institut für niederdeutsche Sprache - they will in some way help me to categorise the words we have and of course add more content to the list we already have.

Ciao for now!


Sabine Cretella
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