Tuesday, February 21, 2006

.dtd files can now be translated with OmegaT

Well of course, it is not a filter, but a workaround, but it works great. Using a new feature of OmegaT, the sentence segmentation, you can create rules that allow for the translation of .dtd files like they are used for Mozilla software. Really the reason to find this out was a request on the OmegaT IRC channel.

What you need to do is:

  • recall the sentence segmentation rules through the menu
  • select the language the new rule applies to or create a new language if it isn't here (it could also be placed in the general rules, but I'd avoid that, because otherwise you will not be able to deactivate the rules easily
  • create a new line for the segmentation rule within that language
  • activate the checkbox by clicking on it
  • to have a segmentation after label " insert that in the first column (called before linebreak) and have only a fullstop in the second column called after linebreak
  • have a segmentation before "> create a new line for segmentation rules and activate the checkbox
  • then leave the first column before linebreak empty and insert "> in the column called after linebreak
  • to activate click on the OK-button
  • OmegaT will ask you to re-load the project - so just do so
Please keep in mind that of course you need to create a project first to be able to set the segmentation rules. Please refer to the OmegaT helpfiles on that.

And remember: you can subscribe to the OmegaT user group by sending a clean message to omgat-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - there you can ask further questions. Or you can try to have a look at the IRC channel.

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