Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pisa ... then to Germany ... no Munich

Pisa was a great experience - I met many very intersting people, new contacts, new possibilities - for them and our projects. We will remain in contact and talk about the Wikimedia projects, OmegaT and help newbies in translation business to get on their way. It also showed me how important networking is, how much there is a need for marketing translation services and which specific needs are to be considered.

Then off to Germany ... I haven't seen so much snow for many years now. I wanted to meet some colleagues in Munich tomorrow evening, but today there are no trains, difficulties for traffic of any kind. Well yes, I suppose they will resolve this during the day, but the weatherforecasts are quite "snowy" again ... so it is better not to risk and we will have to meet another time.

It will be hard to follow up all themes that came up during the last days - too many things are happening too fast ... I'll tell you what is possible.

Have a great sunday!
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