Thursday, April 27, 2006

And another nice idea ;-)

Well, after having worked on WiktionaryZ for over one and half a year it is pretty funny to see sooooo many nice ideas around ... the last info on what translator's cafe is doing came through the uw-creations list - where we discuss the connection of Wiktionary with CAT-Tools.

So now we have also a termscafé - the funny thing is: all try to get their slice from the market instead of wanting to co-operate - instead of creating a real ressource that all of them could use ... well WiktionaryZ wants to co-operate and this should be clear to anyone. Being of a free license it is accessible and usable by anyone. Of course there is copyright to the entries: and that remains to the original authors - and of course there is proper licensing under a free license.

Well ... it is fun to see all these initiatives spot up and say: hey, we had the great idea to create a real good ressource for you ... uhm ... why not just co-operate and link???

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