Saturday, April 15, 2006

Menu translations ... OmegaT ... TMX exchange

Well today happened what I already had foreseen time ago, something I anyway would have liked to start, but did not do it due to many, many other things to do. A friend needs translations of menu terminology into several languages. Now you would say: well, why doesn't she offer translation services for this. Of course, I could do this, but: I would not get the job ... not because I am lacking of qualifications, but because this job would never be outsourced.

The idea some time ago was to create a glossary with translations for menus, get people working in hotels, which are supposed to do that job, together to exchange their translation memories. Then we did not have the complete infra structure to do this ... today we have. So maybe this is the right moment to launch this project and promote a Open Content project for menu translations.

Terminology: for now it makes sense to host the terminology on – in a second stage it will be transferred to and from there it can also be used in TBX (Term Base eXchange) format.

Translations: are done using OmegaT – that helps to create translation memories that can be exchanged between co-operating parties. An file of course is preferred for the translation within OmegaT.

Translation Memory: in order to allow for the exchange of translation memories you need to have a repository. OmegaT creates a TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) file and we already enabled so that TMX files can be uploaded and downloaded, improved etc.

Well, so let's start this adventure and let's see what comes out of it.

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