Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A reference implementation for a translation glossary - other usages ...

Well ... there is that ... we want that application and it would make so much sense in so many ways ... now: if we use it within a CAT-Tool does not mean we cannot use it also differently. Having source + target + definition + photo (very useful for technical stuff) + link to the soundfile with the pronunciation + feedback mechanism is a great thing ... but translators are not the only ones that can make use out of it ... how about kids? Couldn't these tools help integration in particolar for those kids coming from countries where there is no dictionary in that language combination? Wouldn't it make sense that they have their own definition (for kids) + photo + pronunciation? This would help them on one hand to integrate in the new community in another country and on the other hand they would have an instrument that helps not to forget "their language".

I would create the application in a way that the downloaded tbx file can be used for several applications, one of which to create a dictionary for kids including maybe also some games (crossword puzzle for example). It is the same routine, it does the same work

- download a certain dictionary
- includes images, soundfiles etc. (or available when internet connection is active or have to be downloaded)
- if a translation/definition/pronunciation etc. is missing: it can be added by the user directly in that application
- direct possibility to load for example audacity in the background and record the soundfile (attributing automatically the correct name + upload to commons)
- if there is no picture direct possibility to add a picture by searching it on the own computer and uploading it to commons

So the engine behing all that is the same - what is different is the user interface and the other applications it is connected with.

A further use for kids would be one I'd love to see for my kids: a word is pronounced and they have to click on the right picture. Or: a picture is displayed and they have to choose the correct term for it. These are additional applications that can retrieve the information from the downloaded tbx file. So as to the reference implementation for a translation glossary: it is useful for more than only translators.
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