Thursday, April 27, 2006

SDL TRADOS Certification Program

Why do they need to find the most nifty marketing strategies to make sure people buy their software? What SDL TRADOS is obviously trying to do is monopolize the market. They are experiencing some difficulties, because they are trying to cut out translators who don't use their software (you must have a license of SDL Trados 2006) ... well I do not need to have a compute with Windows installed to get a Windows certificate ... so that is about sales and not about knowledge.

People for sure will put being a good translator with being SDL TRADOS certified on one level - well that should not be the case ... because knowing a software well does not mean you are a good translator. But: we must now outline the differences ... we must now show that it is not the software that makes a great translation ... it is the person, the translator.

I am wondering when they will trademark certain expressions like CCM Methodology - which means nothing else than Createing, Cleaning, Maintaining methods - something that any translator does with his/her TMs (Translation Memory). Well this takes me to the next level ... we need a long list of How To's where people work on collaboratively to show that we indeed have the same goal: giving quality to our customers.

I hereby open the English section of "Translator's How To's" starting a first entry on "How to Create, Clean and Maintain TMs?"

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