Tuesday, April 04, 2006

wordsandmore.org is up

Well, we are working, working, working - wordsandmore.org slowly is growing ... it did not make sense to have too many people there right now since we are still working at the basic stuff like templates for online CVs, templates for language schemes etc.

Where I myself and Nautilus can do a lot is on the translation related side. We hope that Interpreters and Copywriters will join us soon, so that we can discuss what is needed to meet their needs.

WiktionaryZ again takes some more time as expected - anyway the language portals of wordsandmore.org and wiktionaryz.org are going to be connected. The Babel templates, that are used to show the users proficiency in a language and if he works (earns money) with a certain language have been transferred to wordsandmore.org as well. They definitely proofed to be not suitable to find translators. That's why we started to create categories with language combinations ... but we have to find even better ways to categorise people ... by giving the possibility to search also on a second level, the specialisation. A further hurdle is: we need to show the information in more than one language ... that could mean that we need a very detailed filtering possibility per language combination and specialisation. The funny thing then comes when someone, like me for example, translates from two or more languages into the mother tongue ... it is not said that I can cover the same topics translating EN-DE, IT-DE and NAP-DE - in all three combinations I strange enough have very different specialisations ... so how to combine these thingies ... well: I know how to combine them, but how to make it simple ... so that anyone can add these categories to the own user page.

Where are we going to post jobs and how are we going to market ... well, I want to wait a bit before writing these plans out ... be sure that I already have them in mind.

If you are a translator, interpreter, copywriter or simply someone interested in languages and translations, and maybe also someone who searches for good people, well, we would very much like to welcome you on wordsandmore.org.
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