Friday, May 12, 2006

Healthcare and communication problems ... solved?!?!

Well ... they could be solved up to quite a good level. We are already had contact with people from Mediphrase. Since WiktionaryZ was then still read-only and we could not show the potentials we did not take further steps. Now, just some minutes ago, I found an article on that talked about a similar project done in Virginia. We already knew that people working in health care often incur in the same problem: they need to deal with people who don't understand their language. So the translation of phrases like:

- I need to draw a blood specimen.
- You are going to feel a needle stick.

Indeed are very useful. What we would very much like to see is the co-operation of all interested parties and we would be happy to host the related terminology and phrases on WiktionaryZ where people can add further translations, create relations, where the download in TBX format will allow for offline use. This will result in advantage for all involved parties and patients will be able to communicate more effectively with health workers and doctors.

I would very much like to see the interested parties partnering ... it would make so much sense - also because: bad communication in some cases might kill ...
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