Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Healthcare and translation again ...

There are two more projects that care about translation in the healthcare sector. My original post tries go get them together in some way ...

Just now I read about the Hamad Medical Corporation working in that field as well.

The other day there was news about Asian language barriers in the medical field.

Now all these efforts could be centered in one single place ... co-operating: WiktionaryZ. Maintaining terminology and these phrases so many time creates much work ... efforts are multiplied ... by co-operating on one neutral source all can have their phrases and also others can use them and contribute. Time may be used more efficiently since there is only one single place to maintain and not various.

Of course we are trying to connect to these people, we are trying to get them together ... it makes so much sense ... and in the end: all is about helping people who really need help.

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