Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wikiword ... or how a tool uses Wikipedia to extract terminology

Wikipedia is linked from one language to the other using so-called Interwiki-Links. These Interwiki-Links help us translators during our everyday work to search for the translation of specific terminology and the explanation of often complicated subject matters.

Quite some time ago the user Duesentrieb had the great idea of WikiWord (not to be mistaken for the Wikiwords project by ProZ) – a piece of software that shows up the relations from one language to the other – today this project already reached a stage where it can be very useful for translators.

If you for example wonder how the acronym LSD is used in connection with the term Rotation (with language = English) you will use this kind of search:
go to the LSD search

Should you like to know the translation/relations of the term "water" from English to Dutch, you will use this kind of search:
go to the "water" search

I tried this software with some other words – it will help us a lot in searching particular terminology and even more when it comes to less used language combinations. For now you can combine the languages English, German, French, Dutch and Norwegian. Italian (well I mention this because it is important for me) and other languages is only a matter of time.

The tool is still in development and the server this tool is running on is limited in what in can do. I suppose that when it is a valuable service, we can make sure that this service will be there in the future

So: have fun trying out this new tool and let me know what you think about it.
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