Friday, June 23, 2006

The Art of the Start video

Well, like I already said it was some time that I did not write blogs - and I did not even read them. Today I finally had a look at one of the blogs I like most: the one by Guy Kawasaki his blog from yesterday is simply a "must see" - it is a Video about his book "The Art of the Start". Don't miss it ... you'll get plenty of great information. It makes even more effect if you first read the book with the same title - then, each word said (well most of them), will stay alive and hopefully will help you to reach your goals.

One particular sentence stroke me "Don't let bozos grind you down!" - bozos ... considering what we are going through with the preservation of regional and minority languages: you cannot even imagine how many bozos are around. You cannot even imagine how often we hear a language or culture said to be dead (of course it is not as long as someone cares about it).

Now we had quite a long discussion with one of the "first type" of bozos ... and yes, Guy is right: we simply should not consider such people. (You will understand what I mean here after having watched the video).

Well: dream your life and live your dream ... that will help you to reach your goals ...

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