Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trolly trolls and marketing ...

Well, there is that funny bunch of "naughty trolls" coming from the Polish Wiktionary to WiktionaryZ ... these trolly trolls are well known among the Polish community and they believe that by trolling around using not nice words (well I want to remain nice here ;-) they do miscredit a project.

Well the funny thing is: the contrary is true ... by vandalising and trolling around on WiktionaryZ today and on the Wiktionary channel yesterday they do us a huge favour. Why? Well if up to now we did not have a real reason to talk about WiktionaryZ on the Polish Wiktionary or on the Polish Wikipedia now thanks to them we have it.

Do you remember the Seigenthaler effect and what it did to Wikipedia? Well trolly trolls that basically want to harm, have the same effect, because instead of keeping things quiet they heat up the atmosphere and people start to ask themselves why these guys might behave in such a way - if there is some real reason behind it or if it is just childish behaviour and the project is a valid one .... considering the feedback we have: we should thank these neat trolly trolls for doing marketing for us :-)

Like always people should consider the side effects ... and if they don't they shouldn't be surprised ...

Good luck trolly trolls - and thanks for doing some marketing for us.
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