Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ISO 639-3 Babel templates - why should we use them?

Most wikimedia projects use so-called Babel templates. These shall help to find people who speak and/or understand a specific language. On 90% of the Wikimedia projects people use the Wikimedia project codes to indicate their language, but there are at least two projects that do use codes that in ISO-639-3 stand for another language. Therefore on WiktionaryZ we created all babel templates with ISO-639-3 codes and in that way we separated the project codes from languages.

These ISO 639-3 language codes are now in use on the Neapolitan wikipedia and will be used on the Piemontese wikipedia soon as well (there is some problem with the bot that does not seem to work there).

What we try to point out is: Babel templates must be about languages with proper language codes and not about projects that sometimes use different codes than the official ones for certain language versions.
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