Monday, August 07, 2006

Unbuntu ... yes it works :-)

Well, yesterday was another Ubuntu day ... consider that I did not know how to install software on Linux - well I have some knowledge of DOS, but that is different even if you can imagine where to look and what more or less needs to be done.

Well: my problem was and still is my router - it will be substituted asap. As for the rest things work smoothly - anyway, before changing to Ubuntu you should try out the live CD - if that one works you can expect also the rest to work.

Ubuntu has a great Italian community - you can find them on IRC, in their discussion list and in their forum. They really helped me a lot and I would say particular thanks to MartinderKiller (no, he's not German, he's Italian) and Jacopo who paitently took me through the hurdles.

Well and then: special thanks to Celestianpower (see the link to his blog on the right side) - talking with him he gave me a link on how to easily install Skype ... well it was not that easy for me (due to the router problems), but since he gave me the link I decided to go ahead yesterday - and like always: when there is a problem I normally cannot stop until it is solved.

So if you ask me if it makes sense to pass over: yes, in particular because you can work contemporarily with Linux and Windows on your computer and so you have plenty of time to learn all you need - there's no reason to worry since at the beginning you will still mainly use windows until you are accustomed to Ubuntu (which in the end is very similar to Win - you only have more "direct communication" with your computer).
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