Friday, August 04, 2006

A vision ... a new way of making translations?

During Wikimaina today people will use Gobby to live transcribe the speeches, answer & question sessions. While typing others will start to review and we will have live transcriptions pretty soon.

Now what they do during Wikimania could well influence translator's work as well. I can imagine the following chain:

  • Live transcription
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Proofeading
  • Editing

All done contemporarily with Gobby. For the translation you connect OmegaT to have your TMs and glossaries available (that are connected through WiktionaryZ for example) so you can work quite faster. During translation you do not have to care too much about grammar and typos - the proof-reader would care about this - he would work directly in your translation memory while you translate, so you find the text updated while you go along ... the last step is then Editing ... and that one goes through normal Gobby features again.

No, don't say that this is "far away" - they are doing similar stuff right now ... this shows it is possible ... and it is one of the ways things will go in future.

Be ready for such jobs ... they will come up ... and translating will in this case be a hybrid work that is somewhere between interpretation and translation.
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