Monday, March 19, 2007

Amalfi Coast - finding the treasure

I hardly ever post personal notes here, well today I will. This is in answer to an article I read on Positanonews in English: City Slickers and Country Cousins.

What is it that makes people fall in love with this very particular part of the world? Well ... I still remember the day I first came here in the Summer of 1986. We arrived in the afternoon after a long trip first in train to Naples and then from there by car. The first glance at the coast leaving the motor way in Vietri sul Mare was simply incredible ... the sun reflected like many shimmering stars on the sea. The blue of that sea and the green of the mountains ... an incredible feeling came up ... from one second to the other, not having even seen more than that one glance, I was sure that this was the place to live, the place to stay until the end of days. This was the moment when I felt like coming finally home after an endless trip from wherever in the world. Still today, whenever I have to leave this unique place to live, even if it is only for some short days, I feel as if a part of me is ripped away and remains here. And when I come back home and I see that first glance (yes, I always prefer to drive some more kms and enter the coast in Vietri) what was ripped off when I left comes back and that very particular feeling is renewed. Mind me: for some strange reason I never took a photo of that view.

I suppose it happens with most people just that way: it is not something particular that makes us love this very unique part of the world - it is that one thousandth of a second that changes everything. Afterwards we say that we like it here because of this and that, but the moment we decide to stay is the very first one. Some people who come here on holiday probably have a similar experience, but less strong and less convincing - and yes, I am happy about that, there would not be enough space on the coast to have all who see the Devine Coast live here - of course: we hope all of them to come back and to take a part of the coast back home in their heart.

Of course there are also people who don't feel all this and just see the coast like a nice place to pass a holiday - well: these are the ones who are not made for it - they will find their place somewhere else and I very much hope for them that when they find it they decide to really take the step ... it is worth each second.

Back to the article on Positanonews: well yes ... many of these people might feel similar things I felt and still feel each time I see the sea, the sun on the water, the mountains.

Now you who read this are curious? Well: one day, if you decide to come here you will see ... and then, please let us know your thoughts about this very particular place.
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