Monday, May 28, 2007

News ... in Neapolitan language ... no, not a wiki this time

It is just about two weeks ago or so that a friend from the United States called me. His family is from Campania and therefore he is very much interested in the Neapolitan language. That is: for him Neapolitan is the true mother tongue. We already have a Wikipedia in Neapolitan as well as some few websites. With OmegaWiki we will now be able to build dictionaries in various language combinations and spellcheckers and some other nice surprises :-)

So talking with him that idea of making news available in Neapolitan became stronger - we already had thought about it before, but there was that final step that was missing. Said and done: we talked with Michele Cinque and Antonio D'Urso from positanonews about it - and they found it a great idea. One prerequisite of mine was: we or need somebody who really writes well or we need help to proofread my writings and/or translations. And yes: Carmine Colacino again is helping out here - thank you! This means: my texts are going to be proofread by him :-)

So that is how it came to be that now we have a news section in Neapolitan language on positanonews, the first registered online newspaper in Campania. Besides it being the first news section in an online newspaper I also thought that it would make sense to have texts for facilitated reading for all those who would like to look up a word. The technique is the same I use here on the blog: with a account so that you can have a preview of the page where the link leads to. Well: some more will be inserted over time and I will center on more difficult words then, because probably the normal ones are quite easily understood.

To give some more "food" to readers I will try to link to relevant wikipedia articles whenever these are present.

Of course, like always there will be critics :-) and yes I very much like criticism as long as it is constructive and people try to help to improve things. We very much encourage others to write there as well. It may be anything related from a familie's history, background information, actual news to the presentation of cultural events and music.

This is definitely a way to give space to all to write about life, news, culture and of course also encyclopaedic articles on Wikipedia. If you feel like writing: please just do. We know that it is not easy to write in Neapolitan but it is also true that if you don't try, you will not learn how to do it.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon on the newssection for Neapolitan news on as well as on the Neapolitan wikipedia.

A big thank you to the director of positanonews Michele Cinque for giving us these unique possibility and to Antonio D'Urso for making it possible from the technical side. Again: thanks to Carmine Colacino for taking the time to copy edit my texts and translations.
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