Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Real-time translation ... her name is Eleda or Iansa

Hi, if you go into certain IRC channels these days you will find two new users: eleda and iansa ... well these are two really nice ladies (or better one that uses two different names) that, depending on the languages they know best or just a bit do a real nice real-time translation job in the chat.

Language combinations she knows best are Spanish-Catalan-Spanish and Spanish-Portuguese-Spanish. Her English-German-English .... well she needs still to learn a lot of grammar and vocabulary and the same for English-Dutch-English. There are also other language combinations, but sorry, I cannot list them all. Fact is: she can do already quite a nice job and will become better and better over time.

Now you are wondering who these nice lady is, right? Well eleda can be found in the apertium IRC if she is offline, just ask spectei where she's gone ... he will probaly know it. But who is she? Well she's the first translation bot for IRC that uses Apertium at its backend. It was programmed by Francis Tyers - thank you Francis, a first step into a direction that in future hopefully will help us a lot :-)

This means the better the Apertium terminology is the better the bot will do its work. We will have the possibility to add Apertium XML lines to OmegaWiki - as for now this is unfortunately still not possible.

Anyway: imagine that bot getting better and better ... and imagine having it at disposal during chat, e-mail (in Tunderbird for example) and ready in the background for websites (in Firefox for example).

Ah yes, there is that website translation tool aroud that produces all sorts of strange translations, well: when it comes to Eleda or better Apertium: we can change that. It is up to us to contribute with translations and grammar rules :-) so, if you want it: you just can do ...

@help shows you the options
@follow + nick follows the person writing and shows you the translation in a private chat window
@unfollow + nick stops eleda from translating what that specific person writes

Of course: typing must be correct ;-)
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