Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Understanding the OmegaWiki MySQL database

Well, I am not all through it, but I am finding what I need bit by bit. What I am wondering is: why is there no documentation, why I had to download the whole bunch to see what is where and find it out myself - that takes time and the way the database is gets people who would like to take a look and eventually contribute with queries probably quite annoyed ...

So let's see how I, a person that is a translator and not a programmer nor knows too much abut MySQL, found out where to look.

First step: I downloaded the MySQL database from the page on OmegaWiki. Then I needed a software to be able to open it. Zdenek from dict.info told me that XAMPP would be good for this and so I downloaded the portable version. I chose the Windows installer that guided me through the options. I activated Install Apache as service and Install MySQL as service.

Once it is installed you launch it. Then you open your browser and insert http://localhost and you get a starting page. Then I launched phpmyadmin (on the lefthand side) and created a database called OW.

The MySQL database I downloaded, that is the one with the OmegaWiki data was extacted and then copied into xampp/mysql/bin folder. Then you need to launch the window to execute dos commands in Windows (don't know how it is called in English). From there you go into the directory where the OmegaWiki data is and launche the command mysql -u root -p -f ow this copies the OmegaWiki database in your local OW database.

Then within phpmyadmin I choose the OW database and from there a series of trials started to find out what is where.

... to be finished ... as soon as there is some time ...
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