Thursday, November 22, 2007

Choosing what to do first or ...

... just having to react???

These days are particular, busy, I should do hundreds of things contemporarily since for one month I did not do really much.

In addition to the ordinary work also seems to get more attention. The strange thing is that this happened because spammers had taken over the website during the period I was away and people got aware of it. It is great that they now started to check the website and hopefully will also start to contribute. Since these neat, mainly Chinese, spammers (yes that's ironical) used accounts to create their spam we now closed the wiki almost completely and people who want to co-operate need to ask for an account. Well, it is not difficult to create it and it seems they don't mind sending an e-mail to become members.

Still some spam accounts have not been blocked, since we are doing this step by step when we see that the accounts are used.

I hope this is a step in the right direction and the w&m website starts to create its communities.

Besides that I received the logo for vox humanitatis and had to set it up, otherwise the others could not have gone ahead with inviting people to join us.

The Wikimedia fundraiser is on and there's not much for me to do there - what I am actually doing is inserting a footer in each e-mail that tells people about it. So if you who read would like to donate, you can do this on the fundraising website.

Destinazione Italia - Gerard will get crazy with me these days. I start to see which files are ready and I am interrupted or by skype or by phone or by one of all these other neat things to do ... this needs doing ...

I received the confirmation for the conference in Barcelona - that is 3 and 4 of December - I'd say it is a good moment to talk about quality and Wikipedia and hopefully be able to make people aware of the fundraiser as well.

Christmas: only during the last days I noted that 24th of December is a Monday - that means that we can go to Germany for Christmas ... and I am happy about that since leaving my stepfather there alone ... no, I would not like that. It's the second Cristmas without my mom ... so the organisation will be mainly up to me :-)

My laptop is getting worse and worse here ... so I am waiting for the new one that was already sent from Germany. My first completely Windows free laptop. I'll use Ubuntu - my reseller already installed it :-) Well, Vista is not an option it would hinder me for quite some work I do, quite some software I need would not work and also most of my hardware would not be accepted. An Acer Extensa - first I wanted a Dell, but in Italy they only sell Windows on Dell computers and Dell Germany does not ship to Italy ...

Already time to prepare and get the kids from school - I should also have a look around the cribs and we were invited by a group called 'E Scugnizzi - so next week on Monday or Wednesday evening we will take our tour - first looking at the cribs that are steadily growing and then the music.

And then there is the article to be posted on Positanonews ... it is alread here, but I don't have time to tag it for easy reading ... probably this time I will just publish it since time is not enough to do everything.

Well ... time to go and get the earthquakes ... and when I come back I hopefully can get some mails and files ready.
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