Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When things don't go as expected ...

Well, many of you know that I was supposed to deal with the Fundraiser 2007 and then at some stage, in October, I disappeared ... many probably asked themselves what happened and did not find an answer (I just sent a note to a very small group of people about what was on): well my husband was in hospital and came out again some days ago. In the meanwhile my kids were ill and had to take antibiotics and as last member of the family I had the same cold like they had and just finished to take my medicine. Again I was called from the school that Marco was not well and that I should take him home ... I went there and took him home – well: he is not really ill, just some coughing ... but enough to create some trouble at school.

I already tried to get back on my track ... like so often, things simply don't want to go like I want them to go and therefore I am not sure how much I will really be able to contribute during the next weeks.

Thanks to all those who supported me during this period, thanks to all who are actively helping the fundraiser.

Probably I will be able to do only very limited things, but I can see that things are going ahead and that is the most relevant thing.

Again: thanks to all who helped and are helping. I hope things will be back to normal, soon.
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