Friday, July 04, 2008

Meeting a jelly fish ... not much fun ...

So this is what it looks like when a jelly fish touches you ... when? At around 7 'o clock in the morning (strange time for this region ... at least I was told so) after almost one hour of swimming ... it was the other day that I saw one for the first time here in the sea. This is a link to commons where you can see how it looked like. Then yesterday morning, while swimming I thought it might be a good idea not to get with my face under water like I so often do and so I decided to swim my approx. 2400 meters almost only on the back. I still had that image of the jelly fish in mind. Well: it was a good idea - at approx. 1600 meters, the distance I used to swim last year, something got my leg ... and it burnt ... so I had my first meeting with one of these not so nice creatures .... well they look nice, but actually meeting one personally ... that's not so much of a good idea. I suppose I never swam as fast to reach the beach like yesterday.

What was a bit particular was that I did not know you could have allergic reactions, but being allergic to all sorts of plants I have always some emergency stuff at home and I needed it. So you can get anything from breathing difficulties to fever - uhmmm ... the night was ... particular as well. Now the leg is not as red anymore as it was yesterday, there are just these stripes, but I am not going to swim for some days until the jelly fish moved away. Normally they don't stay too long here and I am really not keen on having more trouble, in particular because this was only a "slight touch" I got, so no tentacles attached ... what would have happened if I got more of that stuff into my bloodstream?
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