Thursday, September 18, 2008

Computer sciences and elementary school

Today my two had another computer sciences lesson and had to "learn by heart" how a computer is built ... but: in their schoolbook only a normal computer (tower) is considered, no laptop. Only Windows is explained in there, no Linux. Now they started to read that stuff where it says that "the mouse moves the cursor" Marco comes up with "well, but we don't have a mouse, we use a touchpad" and when the book talks about "floppy disk, CD-ROM and DVD" she comes up with: but we don't have any floppy disks ... and so I had to explain they whys and whats. The fun thing was when they started, looking ahead in the pages, well, we had Windows some years ago (they started very soon with computers - Marco broke the first keyboard veeery sooon, he was not even one year old and they had their first working play laptop with 2 years) but today we have Edubuntu which is Linux, so that stuff in the book is old :-D

We started to talk a bit about the differences between Windows and Linux, proprietary vs. free software ... well it's fun ... I suppose their teacher will have a nice talk with them next Wendesday about desktops, towers and laptops, Windows and Linux and why quite a bunch of Windows software runs also on Linux (using Wine) but Linux software normally does not work with Windows ... and therefore it is clear enough what is more interesting for them :-)
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