Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fanny ... what, this is for me?

It's fairly cold outside, just a bit above zero ... Fanny, our family cat, went out this morning without even eating, because the air was fairly fine. Now, around noon, the postman brought a parcel for the neighbours and I went downstaris ... Fanny was already waiting and ran in as if the devil was behind her. I had already cut the remains of the noodles with cream sauce from yesterday which I wanted to mix with some meat for her and the bowl was near the kitchen sink. Well ... while I took over the parcel and got back upstairs, my dear cat already was over her food (which she probably supposed to be ours). As soon as she heard me coming in, she jumped down and looked at me with her big eyes as if she wanted to say "no, I did not touch your food, I am still wating for mine". Well done, dear Fanny ... and so I took only the noodles she already had eaten half and put them in her bowel on the floor ... Ooooo ... I got one of those glances like: "you mean I should really eat that stuff? That's not really food for real cats ... " ... LOLOL ... isn't it the same everywhere? Best is what is not yours :-D
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