Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Why do projects reach an end? Is this really necessary?

In Italy like in Germany ... and I suppose also in many other parts of the world ... it seems that starting something is always easy, but then maintaining an activity gets worse day by day for the simple fact that people around, that should help, think that others working for free for the community is a "given thing".
The ones who should care prefer to look at "new stuff", because what is there is there and of course those people investing their time, simply have to ... but nope, you are wrong, really wrong ... each time someone gives you his/her time this needs to be considered properly.
People working for free for the good of the community need to be helped as much as possible, you need to talk to them when they need it, keep them continuously updated, not just pretend them to do what they did for quite some time and pretend from them to hurry after whoever, because it is so much fun to work for free.
May it be a crèche to be created once a year or may it be a cinema kept alive, may it be a dictionary project to go ahead ... it's always the same: people who work there, do it because they love to do it.
The funny part is then: once those working stop doing what they did for so many years for free they are the "bad guys" ...
Those of you who would like to run projects, who would like to get ahead, who would like others to work for free on whatever ... think about how to keep things alive.
This year I saw two situations like these: in one I was directly involved. The responsible people for economical matters were asked for an appointment and there was no answer for three weeks - well a: "sorry, but we are down under right now, we can only talk in two months from now" would have been enough ... but it did not come. In particular one person receiving already old age pension, invested almost a full time job in that project and she did not even receive a "thank you" but was criticized for doing the work which nobody else wanted to do. She did it well, to her best.
Not good guys ... not really good ...
And as to the second one: an association that each year cares about the same event, that each year needs funds to be able to build things ... well they get the answer late, or better there is no definite answer yet, just a "we want to help you", but even this is already too late ...
Being it a yearly event and almost 20 years that that project was kept alive ... why was a timely response not possible?
Why do people then wonder when those who work say "stop, we don't see a way to go ahead"?
No, it's not only these two projects. There are many more I could cite. It's just a pity that such moments have to happen over and over again.
At this stage I would like to say: thank you to all volunteers in the world - you are great people, do great stuff. Without you many things around the world could not happen. Keep up the good work you do as much as possible and be aware that there are always people who see what you reach by just uniting forces and do. Thank you so much!
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