Thursday, May 04, 2017

Wikis of the Wikimedia foundation - Wikipedia and Commons in particular

Well, by chance I was on one of the many Wikipedias today where I did not edit anymore for years. Last year I got a message claiming copyright violation. The funny part is that in 2006 I wrote the original text, which I also took to Wikipedia, to donate my work. Afterwards my text was taken up by different other places and really I did not care if they mentioned me as a source or not, because it was fairly short stuff and information for people. Now I get a copyright infringement claim and should put the situation right. The same happened for quite a bunch of my pictures on Commons which, at the time I uploaded them, were well accepted. Now I should edit all of them (quite a number) in order to not have them deleted. By all means: delete them, I am not going to take the time to give additional proof. But this makes one thing very clear: time invested in open projects might not be time invested well ... Actually right now I would not even have time. If my stuff was good at that time, it should be good even now.
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